About our company

Liuzhou Hongsheng Collagen Casings Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2006, as ZXCHEM GROUP own collagen casing plant with HONSEN brand, with an annual output of 400,000,000meters, Located in Luorong Inducstrial Park, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Province, China.

Within 15 years’ experience in manufacturing edible collagen casing and giving the best support to customers for making the better sausage. HONSEN collagen casing has been recognized as high-tech green food by the State Science and Technology Commission.

Collagen casings are suitable for various types of western style of filling small caliber sausage, such as Taiwan flavor sausage, hot dog sausage, chicken sausage, breakfast sausage etc., collagen casing is a much more economical choice with its safety and versatility.

With the motto “Quality assurance and commitment fulfillment”, HONSEN collagen casing manages all operations in accordance with ISO9001: 2018 & ISO22000: 2018 standards to ensure consistently high quality of collagen casings. An understanding of customers’ individual needs and providing value-added services has been recognized by customers from all of the world.


Casing production line